Labor & Employment

Intelligent people is the fatal factor for all business sectors in the new era worldwide. We handle both litigation and non-litigation matters for clients. As for litigation matters, we focuse on home and abroad labor disputes. As for non-litigation matters, we advise clients on cross-border and/or cross-jurisdiction foreign-related labor and employment issues besides consulting on general domestic labor and employment matters. Our clients include multinationals, large state-owned enterprises, large-scale financial institutions, many foreign law firms along with small and medium-sized foreign and Chinese companies.

Scope of Services

Drafting and revising labor contracts, labor handbooks, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, compensation policies and other HR-related policies and documents;

Assisting in investigations and evidence gathering related to employee terminations;

Planning and implementing workforce reduction plans and strategies;

Providing legal services related to cross-border labor and employment issues, including transnational personnel arrangements, visa, work and resident permit, etc. 

Advising, reviewing and drafting employee incentive plans;

Providing legal services related to China’s Trade Union Law, such as trade union establishment, collective bargaining negotiations and dispute resolution;

Advising on declarations and payments of social insurance premiums, transfers of social insurance accounts and compliance issues related to social insurance and employee benefits;

Representing clients in labor-related mediation, settlement discussions, arbitration and litigation;

Training employees on labor and employment law, compliance/anti-corruption and protecting clients’ trade secrets;

Advising on employee’s compliance/corruption issues and related labor disputes.